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The dogs residing here are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) with an emphasis on showing in the conformation ring in both breed registries. MontRose is a registered kennel name with the Australian Shepherd Club of America. Our beginnings were much different than the present emphasis on earning titles. I grew up with Border Collies, but I became interested in the Australian Shepherd as a companion animal and helper on the 110 acre family farm where I had a registered hobby herd of Simmental beef cattle. My first Aussie was a blue merle male puppy. I cannot begin to count the number of man hours he saved me. He was as gentle as he was tough and could herd a cantankerous 2,500 pound bull to various pastures and at the same time lick the face of a newborn calf. We spent many hours working together when my duties at the office were not calling. His intelligence, enthusiasm, athleticism, and above all his devotion got me hooked. It wasn't long before another Aussie came along.

At some point, I realized my "real employment" of long hours heading up a public private partnership involved in economic and community development while also maintaining cattle and all the responsibilities along with farming from building fence to putting hay in the barn was more than I could commit to and I made the decision to sell the cattle. I then became interested in the conformation ring and showing my Australian Shepherds. I introduced new bloodlines and since that time I have made a commitment to maintaining and promoting the versatile Aussie. In January 2004, I purchased a historic, nearly 200 year old home with a barn and other buildings and a few acres, that I fell in love with, one eighth mile from the family farm where I was raised. This ten-room farm house has retained much of its original character with beautiful hardwood floors, unpainted molding, and floor to ceiling original kitchen cupboards that are so rare to find in a home today. A few years later I purchased adjoining land that was originally part of the farm to save it from development and there are now 32 acres of fields and woods, the fields consisting of crops and pasture. I named the farm Seeley Creek Valley Farm. My Aussies romp and play on 2.5 fenced acres and swim in the creek near where it all began several years ago. This historic and scenic valley, only a few miles south of Elmira, New York, saw its first settlement shortly after the American Revolution. Minutes away from this scenic farm country is the world renowned Corning Museum of Glass, Mark Twain's gravesite, Watkins Glen and the gorgeous Finger Lakes with picturesque waterfalls and world class wineries, and to the south the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. 

I have no actual kennel setup and my dogs spend their days outside in good weather. There are eight individual runs with a patio block base. They are surrounded by two and half acres of fencing. At night, they all sleep in the house.

All breeding stock have hip xray ratings with the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA), are hereditary cataract eye tested, have other eye clearances by certified ophthalmologists, multi-drug resistance gene (MDR1) tested, and litters of puppies are checked by an ophthalmologist at Cornell University. Litters are carefully planned. Some years have seen no litters whelped and in other years three and four litters have been whelped here. All homes must return a questionnaire to me. Puppies sold as pet/companions are sold on a spay/neuter contract to homes that will love and cherish what I have strived so hard to produce. Only a select few puppies go to homes that plan to title them in some venue be it conformation, obedience, agility, rally, and/or herding. The commitment for many years has been quality and you will rarely see a MontRose dog being bred that has not earned a title. The firm belief has been that only certain dogs should be contributing to the gene pool who are capable of earning a title that also combines the best genetics and temperament to continue the next generation. Both foundation bitches (Ch Bayshore Bubble Yum and Ch Summertime Crimes Of The Heart) and my foundation sire (Ch Summertime Gemini Of MontRose CD) that I acquired earned Record of Merit (ROM) titles with the United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA). That commitment has continued with others like Ch MontRose The Huntress, Ch MontRose That’s Miss Famous To You, and Ch Wind Spirit Great Messenger earning ROM status. I take great pride in the Australian Shepherds residing here. If you have any questions or would like any information about the Australian Shepherds you view on this site, please contact me.

Also residing here are Corriedale sheep, grown for their exceptional fleece, which are sheared in the spring. A large flock of 50 heavy breed chickens consisting mainly of Golden Comets are kept for their large brown eggs. The chickens free range on 2.5 fenced acres. A few specialty breeds of Cochins, Silkies, and Bantams are kept for their uniqueness, for show, and their setting abilities to hatch chicks from the laying flock of Golden Comets. A few Khaki Campbell ducks also reside here. Bees are important for pollinating and hives of bees are also part of the farm, the honey utilized on nearly a daily basis. Natural honey has long been known to be an important part of the human diet.

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